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Jennifer Youmans Receives Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship at OTC   

Jennifer “Jenna” Youmans was selected as the 2009 Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship recipient for Okefenokee Technical College in April. The award of $500 is generously donated each year, since 2005, by the Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship to help students with program-related expenses. Jenna Yeomans and Cindy Tanner

Mrs. Youmans is a cosmetology student and the mother of two, Alexis and Gunnar. She is married to Tony Yeomans. The Youmans family attends Kettle Creek Church, where Jenna is involved with the Sunday School program, choir, Ladies Bible Study, and Women’s Prayer Group. “Mrs. Youmans was the ideal candidate for this scholarship,” stated Tanner. “She is highly motivated and extremely determined to do what she can to complete her career goal.”

“I have always wanted to work in the cosmetology field,” stated Jenna. “I am so excited to finally be able to get this chance. My grandmother always came here [to OTC] to have her hair done, probably for 20 years or longer. She loved to be here and it made me want to ‘check it out.’  Also, I have always felt like the ones who graduated from OTC were prepared for their career and could do a wonderful job. I know I will also be well prepared when I graduate.”

Jennifer Youmans is the recipient of the 2009 Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship awarded by the OTC Foundation scholarship committee. Cindy Tanner (right), OTC Foundation Director, presented Youmans with her award check and extended best wishes for continued academic success.


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