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Waycross Rotary Recognizes Crews and Whitley for “Service above Self”

Okefenokee Technical College employees Angie Crews (Charlton) and Christine Leclerc Whitley (Ware) were honored by the Waycross Rotary for “Service above Self” at the club’s December 1, 2009, meeting.

Crews, who was selected as the 2008 winner, is the epitome of “service with a smile, state those who work with her.” As a graduate of Okefenokee Technical College, Angie has an acute understanding of every aspect of the college and knows the importance of customer service. Her faithful service to OTC began in March 1996 as the personnel technician, but she has taken on additional responsibilities throughout the years and was recently promoted to Administrative Operations Specialist.     Rotary Award 2009

“I am very honored,” stated Crews. “It means a lot to be nominated by my co-workers and then selected for this special award. I am very appreciative.”

As the personnel technician for Okefenokee Technical College from 1996 through October 2009, Angie met every college employee - full-time, part-time or student work study – and helped each one individually with his or her most important concern – the paycheck. According to a colleague, “she is always available to answer questions, despite endless other responsibilities. She clearly understands the work of the college and regularly demonstrates initiative by suggesting more efficient methods and procedures.”

Cindy Tanner, OTC PR and advancement director, explained that Angie’s service extends beyond the normal workday.  “Angie takes on additional responsibilities beyond the normal job expectations. She is active in college fundraisers for local charitable organizations and for the OTC Foundation. She is always ready to pitch in with any activity.”

According to Pamela Farr, OTC VP for Administrative Services, “Angie is most deserving of the Waycross Rotary Service above Self award. The administrative services division of the college is better and more effective because of her. Angie’s knowledge, efficiency, loyalty, and gift of laughter go far beyond a job description.”

Whitley, who was selected as the 2009 winner, began employment with OTC January 2006.  “Innovative and interesting” – that’s how Whitley was described by her nominating peers. “With Christine, the betterment of students is primary. Her focus is her students. Her teaching taps into all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and reaches all learning styles.”

According to one colleague, Whitley “devotes hours to preparation in order to make assignments interesting and memorable so that students are engaged and ready to learn. She holds them accountable for collegiate-level work and superior work ethics.”

“It is obvious from her student assignments,” stated another colleague, “that Christine is always concerned with the whole person, encouraging students to take time for their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.” 

PR director Cindy Tanner credits Whitley for taking on additional responsibilities with enthusiasm. “Christine has a pleasant, friendly personality and genuinely seeks opportunities to help others. She takes on charitable causes without hesitation and has helped numerous people, including victims of the 2007 wildfires, college students through the OTC Foundation, survivors of cancer through the American Cancer Society, and legal refugees through the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, among other groups.  She is also a member of the Waycross Kiwanis Club, which supports local children’s initiatives.

“I am so happy to be selected for this award,” stated Whitley when she learned that she would be recognized at the December Rotary meeting. “It is such an honor to be nominated by co-workers that I respect and admire.”

Jewell Sweat, OTC Dean of Instruction, agreed that Christine’s actions, attitude, hard work, and determination most certainly merit Christine Leclerc Whitley as the 2009 Service above Self award winner.

Ed Avra, scholarship and award director of the Waycross Rotary Club, presented Crews and Whitley with the Rotary Club “Service above Self” award for Okefenokee Technical College. The award is reserved for post-secondary faculty and staff who exhibit a dedication to their calling that exceeds the normal bounds of duties and responsibilities.

Angie Crews (left) and Christine Whitley were honored by the Waycross Rotary for helping others and exhibiting a dedication to their calling that exceeds the normal bounds of duties and responsibilities.


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