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OTC Announces Winter Quarter 2009 President’s List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the President’s List for Winter Quarter 2009. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as a full-time student, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Appling County:
Lessie Aycock, Clinical Laboratory Technology

Atkinson County:
Olvido Rodriguez, Cosmetology; Shanna Solorio, Accounting; and Chase Taylor, Accounting

Bacon County:
Angela Ellis, Cosmetology; Robert Hilton, Networking Specialist; Tammy Ivey, Nurse Technician; Millicent Newson, Nurse Technician; Stephanie Sears, Cosmetology; and Ty Sineath, Cosmetology

Brantley County:
Annette Bohannon, Environmental Horticulture; Evelyn Bruce, Forestry Technology; Jason Carter, Criminal Justice; Tammy Lee, Cosmetology; Lisa Smith, Imaging Science Assistant; and Dolly Winters, Nurse Technician

Camden County:
Kimberly Chumney, Early Childhood Care and Education; and Sabrina Miles, Nail Technician

Charlton County: Pia Dykes, Salon Receptionist; Faleshia Lathan, Salon Receptionist; and Renee Lawrence, Certified Nurse Assistant

Clinch County:
Leroy Burton, Marketing; Martin Greenlee, Welding and Joining Technology; and Alline Rieckmann, Accounting

Coffee County:
Norma Deen, Cosmetology; Amanda Hersey, Practical Nursing; Breezi Hill, Respiratory Care Technology; Matthew Martin, Electrical Lineworker; and Ashley Srodulski, Radiologic Technology

Jeff Davis County:
Tina Brue, Respiratory Care Technology; Bryan Nix, Networking Specialist

Lowndes County:
Marshall Mathis, Electrical Lineworker

Pierce County:
Danielle Atkinson, Early Childhood Care and Education; Brandi Balbach, Networking Specialist; Deianna Black, Environmental Horticulture; Darlene Crawford, Certified Nursing Assistant; Haley Davis, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Lindee Dixon, Cosmetology; Sarah Farr, Marketing; Jeremy Hill, Drafting; Sky Long, Respiratory Care Technology; David Lowmon, Marketing; Debbie McCormick, Certified Nursing Assistant; Thomas Melton, Automotive Fundamentals; Christy Moody, Accounting; Jayson Smith, Electrical Lineworker; Joyce Soul, Nurse Technician; Liz Sweat, Certified Nursing Assistant; Laura Taylor, Medical Assisting; Holly Tyson, Cosmetology; Jacqueline Wallace, Accounting; and JoAnna White, Nurse Technician

Ware County:
Scotty Anderson, Criminal Justice; Kimberly Barkley, Nurse Technician; Angela Barnes, Medical Assisting; Aylisa Beach, Criminal Justice; Thomas Boatright, Automotive Fundamentals; Brent Boyette, Electronics Fundamentals; David Brown, Certified Nurse Assistant; Kristian Butler, Nurse Technician; Robert Carbaugh, Locomotive Electrical; Victoria Cowles, Nurse Technician; Destiny Daniels, Nurse Technician; Daniel Dell, Accounting; Randy Driver, Networking Specialist; Khandi Frierson, Early Childhood Care and Education; Amy Gifford, Accounting; Angelo Grassi, Certified Nurse Assistant; William Haralson, Radiologic Technology; Andrea Harris, Certified Nurse Assistant; Jennifer Hersey, Environmental Horticulture; Brandon Hewett, Electrical Lineworker; Megan Hickox, Nail Technician; Ralph Higgs, Forestry Technology; Dorothy Howe, Marketing; Barbara Jenkins, Certified Nurse Assistant; Candice Jernigan, Early Childhood Care and Education; Johnna Jernigan, Cosmetology; Antorya Johnson, Certified Nurse Assistant; Tiffany King, Certified Nurse Assistant; Sophia Kitchen, Early Childhood Care and Education; Melissa Lockard, Environmental Horticulture; Lashonda Massey, Nurse Technician; Chondra McKelvin, Early Childhood Care and Education; Randall Music, Air Conditioning Technician’s Assistant; Rachael Nolan, Nurse Technician; Lorrie O’Berry, Business Administrative Technology; Holly Osburn, Accounting; Wendy Peacock, Nurse Technician; Crissy Roebuck, Cosmetology; Ashley Sapp, Accounting; Brittany Sellers, Cosmetology; Stephen Smith, Forestry Technology; Paul Tuten, Certified Nurse Assistant; Cynthia Weatherspoon, Cosmetology; James White, Electrical Lineworker; and Tamara Wood, Clinical Laboratory Technology

Wayne County:
Brittany Southerland, Practical Nursing

Wilkinson County:
Shaun Brooks, Electrical Lineworker; and Richard Cunningham, Electrical Lineworker.


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