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OTC Announces Spring Semester 2012 President’s List

Dr. Glenn Deibert, interim president of Okefenokee Technical College, recently announced the President’s List for Spring Semester 2012. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as full-time, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Appling County: Kimberly Powers, Clinical Laboratory Technology; and Chanea Wooten, Welding and Joining Technology.

Atkinson County: Cady Harrison, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice.

Bacon County: Kelley Carter, Business Administrative Technology; Mara Carter, Cosmetology; Kimberly Davis, Respiratory Care Technology; Kelli Douglas, Radiologic Technology; Deidre Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Stacey Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Maria Martinez, Nurse Technician; Kevin Quinn, Auto Collision Repair; Alexandra Santana, Nurse Technician; Tammie Shaw, Cosmetology; Amanda Tanner, Respiratory Care Technology; Christy Treat, Respiratory Care Technology; Aaron Wade, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Cecilia Waldron, Radiologic Technology; Brenda Waters, Nurse Aide; Kristin Westberry, Nurse Technician; and Jessica Williams, Radiologic Technology.

Brantley County: Jerry Brown, Networking Specialist; Jeffery Dreggors, Locomotive Mechanical Systems; Candice Hand, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Carli Johns, Imaging Science Assistant; Jackie Jones, Nurse Technician; Anthony Lee, Locomotive Mechanical Systems; Shakira Medlock, Networking Specialist; Louise Nipper, Nurse Technician; Steven Nipper, Nurse Technician; Joshua Ray, Commercial Truck Driving; Sherry Rebollo, Accounting; Donna Rowell, Environmental Horticulture; Karen Shuman, Cosmetology; Melissa Smith, Cosmetology; and Jennifer Williams, Nurse Technician.

Camden County: Lonnie Shaw, Commercial Truck Driving.

Charlton County: Rebecca Dixon, Phlebotomy Technician; Dannyelle Hahn, Imaging Science Assistant; Melissa Knowles, Early Childhood Care and Education; James Lemley, Welding and Joining Technology; Timothey Lemley, Electronics Technology; Ashley Lloyd, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Allison Murray, Imaging Science Assistant; and Tiffany Towne, Cosmetology.

Chatham County: Peter Jebeles, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice.

Clinch County: Bradley Ellis, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Yuri Hutchinson, Radiologic Technology; Zachary Strickland, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; and Gerald Williams, Commercial Truck Driving.

Coffee County: John Adams, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Burton Capps, Marketing Management; Alanie Carter, Nurse Technician; Jessica Fussell, Radiologic Technology; Marcy Lee, Networking Specialist; Daniel Opp, Nurse Technician; Anthony Smith, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Jeffery Smith, Air Conditioning Technology; Brandy Taylor, Cosmetology; and Bernard Thomas, Building Maintenance.

Glynn County: Lori Pfaff, Nurse Technician.

Lowndes County: Brent Hritz, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice.

Pierce County: Jonathon Cason, Networking Specialist; Sammy Caviness, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Ancil Daniels, Radiologic Technology; David Gambino, Auto Collision Repair; Briaun Gibson, Nurse Technician; April Joyner, Radiologic Technology; Wanda Kitchens, Nurse Technician; Edward Lester, Practical Nursing; Brooke Martin, Nurse Technician; Lester McLeod, Welding and Joining Technology; Caroline Murray, Cosmetology; Leslie Music, Medical Assisting; Rachel Padgett, Early Childhood Care and Education; Bethany Pearson, Business Administrative Technology; Logan Rowell, Cosmetology; Donna Walker, Business Administrative Technology; and Kristine Walley, Nurse Technician.

Ware County: Matthew Barnhill, Nurse Technician; Amy Beverly, Accounting; Joshua Boyett, Networking Specialist; Sandra Brown, Practical Nursing; Whitney Burns, Nurse Aide; Paloma Canales, Nurse Technician; David Chapman, Locomotive Mechanical Systems; Christopher Crews, Auto Collision Repair; Nancy Cruz, Early Childhood Care and Education; Bryon Davis, Commercial Truck Driving; Carl Davis, Welding and Joining Technology; Gilbert Denton, Automotive Fundamentals; Dan Devereaux, Forest Technology; Kayla Dixon, Criminal Justice Technology; Rachel Driver, Environmental Horticulture; Shonna Franklin, Nurse Technician; Erick Gares, Welding and Joining Technology; Heather Gavitt, Clinical Laboratory Technology; William Hand, Networking Specialist; Amanda Henderson, Radiologic Technology; John Hodges, Forest Technology; Gary House, Welding and Joining Technology; Felecia Jenkins, Cosmetology; Johnny King, Welding and Joining Technology; Timothy Laguna, Welding and Joining Technology; Tron Lewis, Auto Collision Repair; Joshua Mahone, Medical Assisting; Wendy Manders, Medical Assisting; Victoria McCarthy, Nurse Technician; Nick McCarty, Imaging Science Assistant; Marsha McCrea, Business Administrative Technology; John Morrison, Welding and Joining Technology; Ashley Musgrove, Imaging Science Assistant; Deena Newbern, Criminal Justice Technology; Amanda Nipper, Radiologic Technology; Craig Outler, Central Service Assistant; Brand Padgett, Commercial Truck Driving; Deborah Ray, Criminal Justice Technology; Doris Rutland, Computer Support Specialist; Eric Smith, Commercial Truck Driving; Terrie Storey, Medical Assisting; Herbert Studebaker, Commercial Truck Driving; Anna Sykes, Criminal Justice Technology; Thomas Taples, Forest Technology; David Taylor, Forest Technology; Clarence Thomas, Nurse Technician; Linda Thornton, Business Administrative Technology; Matthew Thrift, Networking Specialist; Melony Waters, Imaging Science Assistant; William White, Forest Technology; Felecia Wildes, Nurse Technician; Esther Williams, Early Childhood Care and Education; and Jesseca Wolfe, Cosmetology.

Wayne County: Tracy Winchester, Radiologic Technology.


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