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OTC Announces Spring Quarter 2011 President’s List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the President’s List for Spring Quarter 2011. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as full-time, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Appling County: Sherry Sapp, Practical Nursing

Bacon County: Chasity Carter, Cosmetology; Kelli Douglas, Radiologic Technology; Deidre Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Stacey Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Jeremiah Emory, Computer Support Specialist; Lindy Johnson, Cosmetology; Robert Lloyd, Air Conditioning Technology; Ishmael Loredo, Computer Support Specialist; Farris Medders, Respiratory Care Technology; Bryan Owens, Welding and Joining Technology; Margaret Parker, Cosmetology; Courtney Pennington, Early Childhood Care and Education; Kayla Ramos, Early Childhood Care and Education; Daniel Rewis, Networking Specialist; Kristy Rich, Cosmetology; Aara Sweat, Cosmetology; Alejandro Tadeo, Computer Support Specialist; Ashley Tincher, Criminal Justice; and Cecilia Waldron, Radiologic Technology.

Berrien County: Ronny Ray, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Brantley County: Barbara Cowen, Environmental Horticulture; Miranda Dashnaw, Medical Assisting; Debra Garrett, Criminal Justice; Regan Haas, Certified Nursing Assistant; Aaron Hall, Nurse Technician; Jimmy Hickox, Forestry Technology; Wanda Keen, Child Development Specialist; Elery Kelley, Networking Specialist; Diana Lassiter, Certified Nursing Assistant; Kathy Obendorfer, Forestry Technology; Donna Rowell, Environmental Horticulture; and Kayla Wilson, Cosmetology.

Charlton County: Moneke Daniels, Clinical Laboratory Technician; Josephine Henderson, Early Childhood Care and Education; and Kaylee Turner, Certified Nursing Assistant.

Clinch County: Carl Bass, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Brian Griffis, Nurse Technician; James Nipper, Automotive Fundamentals; and Justin Smith, Networking Specialist.

Coffee County: Judy Andrews, Medical Assisting; Casey Gibbs, Imaging Science Assistant; Kayla Palmer, Nurse Technician; Ann Peters, Accounting; and Bernard Thomas, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology.

Jeff Davis County: Bryan Nix, Computer Support Specialist

Jefferson County: Bryan Broomfield, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Lanier County: Nathan Livingston, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Long County: Derek Howard, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; and Julian Moody, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice.

Pierce County: Holly Aldridge, Early Childhood Care and Education; Jessica Aldridge, Certified Nursing Assistant; Jeffrey Barker, Air Conditioning Technology; Simon Cason, Networking Specialist; Meagan Gill, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Karen Hamelin, Accounting; Glen Jewell, Air Conditioning Technology; April Joyner, Radiologic Technology; Isaac Moses, Air Conditioning Technology; Laura Rowland, Certified Nursing Assistant; Robert Smith, Respiratory Care Technology; Leigha Taylor, Practical Nursing; and Douglas Thornton.

Ware County: Amy Allen, Certified Nursing Assistant; Johnny Barber, Automotive Technology; Brandi Beverly, Criminal Justice; Thomas Boatright, Automotive Fundamentals; April Bryce, Medical Assisting; Robert Capps, Auto Collision Repair; Joshua Chancey, Automotive Technology; Kenneth Cox, Forestry Technology; Teressa Crawford, Accounting; Ancil Daniels, Radiologic Technology; Kimberly Daniels, Practical Nursing; Carlton Dasher, Auto Collision Repair; Sidney Douglas, Marketing; Elizabeth Dowling, Accounting; Rodney Drawdy, Welding and Joining Technology; Rachel Driver, Environmental Horticulture; Courtney Falvo, Computer Support Specialist; Aaron Gebhart, Certified Nursing Assistant; John Gill, Clinical Laboratory Technician; William Hand, Networking Specialist; John Hodges, Forestry Technology; Victoria James, Nurse Technician; Tamara Jeffords, Certified Nursing Assistant; Michael Johns, Locomotive Mechanical Systems; Melissa Johnson, Accounting; David Jordan, Networking Specialist; Amy Kinnon, Certified Nursing Assistant; Julie Lloyd, Early Childhood Care and Education; Rebecca Luke, Radiologic Technology; Tabitha Mack, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Nicole Maddox, Cosmetology; Caleb Manac, Computer Support Specialist; Megan Marsh, Business Administrative Technology; Melissa McMillan, Certified Nursing Assistant; Melvin Joseph, Criminal Justice; Andrea Moody, Early Childhood Care and Education; Lora Musgrove, Central Service Assistant; Deena Newbern, Criminal Justice; Amanda Nipper, Radiologic Technology; LaKeyda Norris, Certified Nursing Assistant; Gina Ogle, Early Childhood Care and Education; Michelle Peacock, Certified Nursing Assistant; James Pheil, Air Conditioning Technology; Rebecca Rollins, Early Childhood Care and Education; Doris Rutland, Nurse Technician; Matthew Stoddard, Forestry Technology; Paula Strickland, Cosmetology; Anna Sykes, Criminal Justice; Kali Tanner, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Ashley Turner, Medical Assisting; Brandon Weingard, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; William White, Forestry Technology; and Charles Wiggins, Air Conditioning Technology.

Wayne County: Sarah Fanucci, Nurse Technician; Morgan Riggins, Nurse Technician; and Tracy Winchester, Radiologic Technology.


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