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OTC Announces Fall Quarter 2010 President’s List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the President’s List for Fall Quarter 2010. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as full-time, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Appling County: Charles Cervantes, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice and Debra O’Quinn, Practical Nursing

Atkinson County: Cassandra Adams, Early Childhood Care and Education

Bacon County: Megan Baladez, Respiratory Care Technology; Kelli Douglas, Radiologic Technology; Deidre Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Stacey Durance, Computer Support Specialist; Ashlie Hennesy, Respiratory Care Technology; Cecilia Holton, Radiologic Technology; Megan Horne, Nurse Technician; Andrea Land, Early Childhood Care and Education; Robert Lloyd, Air Conditioning Technology; Kristy Rich, Cosmetology; Victor Smiley, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; April Tatum, Nurse Technician; Misty Taylor, Nurse Technician; Stephanie Tenney, Marketing; and Charles Whitacre, Nurse Technician

Brantley County: Jessica Adams, Medical Assisting; Kristee Anderson, Accounting; William Anderson, Forestry Technology; Tiffany Camp, Nurse Technician; Candice Hand, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Amanda Herrin, Radiologic Technology; Nicole Hunt, Cosmetology; Joseph King, Automotive Fundamentals; Sherri Lewis, Medical Assisting; Heather Mikels, Cosmetology; and Lillian Roberson, Certified Nursing Assistant

Camden County: Gerald Jones, Electrics Fundamentals

Charlton County: Shannon Knight, Nurse Technician; Faleshia Lathan, Cosmetology; Ashley Lloyd, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Ashley Lloyd, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Robyn Reyna, Nurse Technician; and William Staeger, Criminal Justice

Clinch County: Kayla Arnold, Certified Nursing Assistant; Joshua Davis, Nurse Technician; Crystal Lloyd, Criminal Justice; and Cassondra McBride, Medical Assisting

Coffee County: Kaitlyn Courson, Respiratory Care Technology; Rosa Hall, Certified Nursing Assistance; Taylor Jackson, Overhead Shield Arc Welder; Danielle Merritt, Radiologic Technology; Ann Peters, Radiologic Technology; Salentha Reives, Accounting; Antonio Thomas, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Bernard Thomas, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; Monica Williams, Clinical Laboratory Technology; and Justin Youngblood, Nurse Technician

Fayette County: Shannon Graves, Accounting

Glynn County: Joshua McKenzie, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; and Gary Reed, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Long County: Ronald Mason, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Pierce County: Brandi Altman, Practical Nursing; Jennifer Bell, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Shammra Carter, Certified Nursing Assistant; Terri Davis, Medical Assisting; Victoria Dixon, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Melissa Durham, Practical Nursing; Wendell Gay, Environmental Horticulture; James Green, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; Karen Hamelin, Medical Assisting; Casey Hill, Certified Nursing Assistant; April Joyner, Radiologic Technology; Rachel Padgett, Business Administrative Technology; Brittany Peacock, Cosmetology; Richard Peavey, Central Service Assistant; Megan Rock, Practical Nursing; Perry Ruby, Networking Specialist; Vivian Smith, Certified Nursing Assistant; Douglas Thornton, Forestry Technology; Valerie Walker, Practical Nursing; and Amber Williams, Certified Nursing Assistant

Putnam County: Andrew Lewis, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice

Ware County: Richard Anderson, Forestry Technology; James Bacon, Air Conditioning Technology; Paula Bennett, Certified Nursing Assistant; Amy Beverly, Accounting; Brandi Beverly, Criminal Justice; Diane Boatright, Marketing; Joshua Boyett, Networking Specialist; Justina Carter Early Childhood Care and Education; Marissa Carter, Certified Nursing Assistant; Crystal Combs, Certified Nursing Assistant; Katherine Clare, Imaging Science Assistant; Andrea Colley, Certified Nursing Assistant; Ancil Daniels, Radiologic Technology; Jonathan Daniels, Respiratory Care Technology; Mark Davis, Commercial Truck Driving; Elizabeth Dowling, Accounting; Lucinda Evans, Medical Assisting; Haley Garrett, Cosmetology; Emily Godwin, Accounting; Darrell Gordon, Air Conditioning Technology; Bridgett Hendrix, Radiologic Technology; Nancy Ingram, Early Childhood Care and Education; Carmen Johnson, Nurse Technician; Christopher Johnson, Air Conditioning Technology; Erica Johnson, Certified Nursing Assistant; Jackie Johnson, Early Childhood Care and Education; David Jordan, Networking Specialist; Fred Lee, Accounting; Lena Lewis, Cosmetology; David Lowary, Nurse Technician; Joseph Melvin, Criminal Justice; Wendy Merritt, Business Administrative Technology; Andrea Moody, Early Childhood Care and Education; Brandi Morgan, Practical Nursing; Thomas Morris, Commercial Truck Driving; Amy Moseley, Respiratory Care Technology; April Musgrove, Business Administrative Technology; Brittney Nipper, Respiratory Care Technology; Rachael Nolan, Accounting; Ashlee O’Hara, Certified Nursing Assistant; John Paulson, Paramedical Technology; Barbara Pender, Accounting; Edith Roberts, Certified Nursing Assistant; Salvador Santoyo, Accounting; LaTheresa Sermon, Early Childhood Care and Education; Lacey Shackelford, Forestry Technology; Daniel Simon, Practical Nursing; Holly Sivalia, Practical Nursing; Frankia Smith, Medical Assistant; Harold Spradley, Commercial Truck Driving; Matthew Stoddard, Forestry Technology; Kim Strickland, Certified Nursing Assistant; Paula Strickland, Cosmetology; Sara Strickland, Forestry Technology; Anna Sykes, Radiologic Technology; Kali Tanner, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Jodie Tatum, Surgical Technology; Ron Tindall, Welding and Joining Technology; Georgia Todd, Medical Assisting; Krystal Walden, Certified Nursing Assistant; Doris Watson, Certified Nursing Assistant; Amanda Wells, Certified Nursing Assistant; Ervin Westley, Networking Specialist; and Tanisha Wiseman, Nurse Technician

Wayne County: Melissa Sawatzke, Imaging Science Assistant; Lisa Smith, Practical Nursing; and Tracy Winchester, Radiologic Technology


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