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Adult Education Honors Banquet Held


Nineteen Brantley County residents were recognized and honored at the annual adult education honors banquet held June 18, 2009, at the Nahunta First Baptist Church Social Hall.

The theme of the event, “Butterflies in Presentation,” had a special meaning for Mrs. Peggy Justice, OTC adult education instructor, who owns over 800 butterfly pins. For Justice, butterflies signify life, change, and miracles. Change, according to Justice, often makes us stronger. She shared with graduates that this accomplishment has created change for them and made them stronger. The change, she continued, is opportunity – opportunity for better wages, better quality of life, and higher education. Brantley Honors 2009

The social hall was filled with butterfly décor, including butterfly balloons, gift bags, nets, confetti, and colorful faux butterflies. A long string of paper butterflies on a wooden fence was the focal point of the room. Each paper butterfly carried the name of one of the 82 Brantley County adult education graduates from the 2008-2009 year.

The printed program, created by Jeanette Tucker, was littered with colorful butterflies and named all eighty-two 2008-09 graduates, 15 of whom are honor graduates.

Supporters and sponsors of the event include Brantley County Family Connection, Brantley County Adult Education Advisory Committee, and Nahunta First Baptist Church.

Gary Strickland, chairman of the advisory committee, welcomed graduates and guests and congratulated the graduates, expressing appreciation to Peggy Justice and Jeanette Tucker for their dedication and hard work.  

Reverend Randy Cason, pastor of Nahunta First Baptist, gave the invocation. Then graduates and guests enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Edgewood Cottage Catering.

Judy Hesters, OTC Continuing Education Director, extended greetings to guests on behalf of OTC President Gail Thaxton, who was not able to attend. Hesters reminded graduates that learning doesn’t stop with a GED, and she encouraged them to continue their education.

Pete Mills, Director of Adult Education, and Bobby Creech, Regional Education Coordinator in the Office of Adult Literacy (Atlanta) both shared their appreciation for the Adult Education staff, the GED graduates, and the Adult Education program. Mills asked graduates to take time to celebrate and then take advantage of the educational opportunities that the state of Georgia affords its citizens, one of which is the $500 HOPE voucher for adult education graduates.

Crystal Foreman, a student in the program, shared an uplifting message about facing fears and fixing mistakes through testimony and song. She sang “This is My Now.”

Several graduates shared their success stories with the audience; each one praised the program and thanked Mrs. Justice and Mrs. Jeanette Tucker for their help and encouragement.

Mrs. Justice then called all graduates in attendance to the front to receive a book, Smile and the Word Smiles with You, by David Baird, along with a beautiful butterfly bookmark.

Brantley County OTC adult education graduates were recognized recently at the annual honors banquet for accomplishing a milestone in their lives. Seated (L – R):  Samantha Connelly, Carla George, Carol Thompson, Raven Valesco, and Amber Spradley. Standing (L – R):  Peggy Justice (instructor), Manda Clever, Brandy Gardner, Thornton Harden, Todd Maine, Kristie Wood, Ryan Holden, Rachel Mobley, James Mason, Crystal Foreman, Victor Cebreros, Maura White, Jennifer Prescott, Chris Luke, Daniel Eldridge and Jeanette Tucker (instructor).



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