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Satilla REMC Foundation and Okefenokee Technical College
Partners in Education


Members of the Satilla REMC Foundation Board, EMC Board of Directors and other Satilla EMC personnel met with Okefenokee Technical College representatives Thursday, December 17, to award a $5,000 educational advancement contribution to the college through the OTC Foundation.

Funding for the contribution was made possible through the voluntary contributions of the Members who buy electricity from Satilla REMC.  The purpose of the contribution was to get needed but unavailable funds into the technical colleges within the nine-county area that Satilla REMC serves and to enhance the educational process for as many students as possible. SREMC Donation

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, thanked the Members of Satilla REMC and those attending the presentation.  She remarked, “The contribution is timely, needed, and certainly appreciated since the technical colleges of Georgia have undergone recent cuts in their local education budget.  The funds will be used to support student and program success through equipment purchases, student scholarships, and other technical program projects that advance the work of the college.”  Thaxton also noted that the “Members of Satilla REMC have invested more that $65,000 toward the educational futures of students who attend Okefenokee Technical College.”

The Satilla REMC Foundation is proud to partner with Okefenokee Technical College to provide additional educational opportunities to students attending technical colleges in its nine-county service area.  The Members of Satilla, through their voluntary contributions, reinforce the belief that education should not be limited to schools, but that the responsibility of education and youth development be shared by the community.  Today's students will be tomorrow's leaders, and the Satilla REMC Foundation recognizes this fact and actively works to help cultivate these future leaders.



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