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Charles Eames Establishes Endowment Fund at OTC

Charles B. Eames, Jr., former director of the Okefenokee Regional Library System (ORLS), recently contributed $20,000 to the Okefenokee Technical College Foundation to establish the Charles Eames Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit OTC students through needs-based scholarships and literacy projects.

Eames has been a good friend to Okefenokee Technical College over the years. He served on the OTC Media Services Advisory Committee from 2001 until 2004 and has granted his services to OTC in numerous other ways. One of his most memorable partnerships with OTC was when he led a training workshop for students in the Early Childhood Care and Education program on “How to Effectively Read to Children.” Dr. Thaxton and Charles Eames

Reading to children is a favorite past-time for Eames. He looks forward to his weekly visit to the DAFFODIL Center in Waycross, where he reads to the children there. He is community-minded in every spirit of the word. Among many other acts of kindness, he has made sizable contributions to local charitable organizations and volunteers at the local nursing homes and at the ORLS. Eames held several positions at the ORLS over his fifteen years there, including reference librarian and children’s librarian. He was the ORLS director from 2000 – 2003 before retiring in 2003.

Eames’ primary purpose for the scholarship fund is to “give back to the Waycross community.” “I can’t think of a better way to give back to this area,” stated OTC President Gail Thaxton, when she met with Eames to discuss the fund. “The joy of this gift for you will be in knowing that your generosity enabled numerous students to attain an education that will allow them to have a successful career and a better quality of life for themselves and their family.”

“Research shows that most of our graduates,” continued Thaxton, “stay and work within a forty-mile radius of our service delivery area, so you can feel sure that your generosity will impact the Waycross area in multiple ways.”

Eames also created the scholarship as a way to honor his parents, Charles B. Eames Sr. and Harriet Allyn Eames. Mrs. Harriet Eames was a librarian, and Eames eventually found himself drawn to the profession. He earned his library science degree from Suny at Albany Graduate School in Albany, New York in 1971.

OTC Foundation Chair, Larry Paulk, echoed the sentiments of the entire board when he learned of Eames’ charitable gift to the organization. “We (the board) sincerely appreciate this gift and will be diligent to use it in a way that honors the Eames family and fulfills the purpose and intent of the fund,” stated Paulk.

The principal donation to establish the Charles Eames Scholarship Fund will be invested and generate earnings that will be used to fund needs-based scholarships for students attending OTC and promote literacy through GED Testing Fee scholarships and other projects. The first scholarship will be awarded January 2010.

Charles Eames (right) recently presented a check for $20,000 to OTC President Gail Thaxton to establish the Charles Eames Scholarship Fund. Thaxton accepted the check on behalf of the OTC Foundation Board of Trustees, who will manage the fund created to benefit students attending Okefenokee Tech.


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