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OTC Policy and Procedure Manual

Okefenokee Technical College is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia. The State Board of Technical and Adult Education provides overall policies and procedures for the effective management of the College. State Board policies and procedures are published in the Policy Manual, accessed at tcsg.edu. The President of Okefenokee Technical College is responsible for the execution of state board policies and procedures.

Development and Approval of OTC Policies and Procedures

The OTC Local Board is authorized by the State Board of Technical and Adult Education to develop supplemental local policies to assist the College in carrying out its mission.

OTC local policies are developed according to guidelines established in the OTC Policy: Enactment of Local Board Policies. The OTC Local Board approves all local policies. However, the President is authorized to approve policy changes involving typographic errors or minor changes without substantive effect. The President notifies the Local Board of such changes.

New academic policies or proposed academic policy revisions are first presented to the OTC Academic Council for review and input.

Once a policy is approved by the OTC Local Board, the appropriate Vice President or President provides  an electronic version of the approved policy to the web master for posting to the web-based OTC Policy and Procedure Manual.

OTC procedures do not require Local Board approval. Local college procedures are developed in accordance with the OTC Procedure: Enactment of Local Procedures. Once a local procedure is approved, the appropriate Vice President or President provides  an electronic version of the approved procedure to the web master for posting to the web-based OTC Policy and Procedure Manual.

OTC local policies and procedures are reviewed periodically and changes are made as appropriate.
Whenever substantive or typographical errors are found, the reader is encouraged to report the error to the supervising vice president.   It is the responsibility of the designated official for that policy or procedure to determine if an error exists and, if so, to obtain the necessary approvals to correct any error as soon as possible.


General Provisions

I. Mission and System of Governance


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  1. OTC Mission and Vision

  2. System of Governance
    1. State Board Policy: Ethical Responsibilities
    2. OTC Board Bylaws
    3. OTC Policy:  Enactment of Local Board Policies
    4. OTC Procedure: Enactment of Local College Procedures
    5. OTC Procedure: Selection of Methods for Reimbursement

II. Administrative Services


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  1. Fiscal Management
    1. Budget
      1. OTC Procedure: Budget Planning
  2. Accounting
    1. OTC Procedure: Petty Cash Funds
    2. OTC Policy: Personal Checks
    3. OTC Procedure: Personal Checks
  3. Purchasing

  4. Operations
    1. OTC Procedure: Business Travel
    2. OTC Policy: Motor Pool
    3. OTC Procedure: Motor Pool
    4. OTC Procedure: Use of Campus Facilities
    5. OTC Procedure: Parking Procedures and Rules
    6. OTC Policy: Tobacco Free Campus
    7. OTC Procedure: Tobacco Free Campus
    8. OTC Policy: Inventory Management
    9. OTC Procedure: Inventory Management
    10. OTC Procedure: Maintaining, Replacing or Disposing of Equipment
    11. OTC Policy: Weapons, Firearms, and Explosives
    12. OTC Procedure: Firearms Weapons and Explosives
    13. OTC Policy: Acceptable Computer and Internet Use

  5. Risk Management
    1. Emergency Operations and Safety Plan
    2. OTC Policy: Crime Awareness and Campus Security
    3. Occupational Exp. to Blood Borne Path. & Air. Path./Tuber.
    4. Hazard Communication Program Plan
    5. OTC Policy: Eye Protection
    6. OTC Procedure: Eye Protection
    7. OTC Procedure:  Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Use

III. Human Resources


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Statement of Equal Opportunity

Okefenokee Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era, or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law). This non discrimination policy encompasses the operation of all educational programs and activities including admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other OTC administered programs, including any Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) Title I-financed programs. It also encompasses the employment of personnel and contracting for goods and services. OTC promotes the realization of equal opportunity through a positive continuing program of specific practices designed to ensure the full realization of equal opportunity. OTC maintains a grievance procedure for addressing discrimination concerns. These procedures meet the federal requirements for compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title I of the WIA of 1998.

  1. OTC Procedure: Adjunct Instructor Pay Regulations
  2. OTC Procedure: At Will Employees
  3. OTC Procedure: Background Investigations
  4. OTC Policy: Drug Free School & Workplace
  5. OTC Procedure: Drug Free School & Workplace
  6. OTC Procedure: Dual Employment
  7. OTC Procedure: Employee Grievance
  8. OTC Procedure: Employee Leave
  9. OTC Policy: Leave
  10. OTC Procedure: Overtime & Compensatory Time
  11. OTC Procedure: Performance Evaluation
  12. OTC Procedure: Positive Discipline
  13. OTC Procedure: Professional Development
  14. OTC Procedure: Recruitment and Hiring
  15. OTC Procedure: Unlawful Harrassment
  16. OTC Procedure: Workplace Violence

IV. Academic Affairs


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  1. OTC Procedure: Instructional Live Work Projects
  2. OTC Procedure: Library Collection Development
  3. OTC Procedure: Library Circulation
  4. OTC Procedure: Interlibrary Loan
  5. OTC Procedure: Faculty Load
  6. OTC Policy: Intellectual Property
  7. OTC Policy: Academic Freedom
  8. OTC Procedure: Academic Freedom
  9. OTC Procedure: Faculty Participation in Academic Affairs
  10. OTC Procedure:  Faculty Participation in Curriculum Review
  11. OTC Procedure:  Reimbursement for Certification Exams
  12. OTC Procedure:  Faculty Absence and Class Dismissal
  13. OTC Procedure: Credit Program Approval
  14. OTC Procedure: Verification of General Education Competencies
  15. OTC Procedure: Assessment of Educational Programs and Support Areas
  16. OTC Procedure: Academic Council
  17. OTC Procedure: Customized Credit Program Scheduling
  18. OTC Procedure: Distance Education Course Development for New Courses

V. Student Affairs


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  1. OTC Policy: Assessment
  2. OTC Policy: Ability to Benefit
  3. OTC Procedure: Student Conduct Code
  4. OTC Procedure: Credit Hour Limit
  5. OTC Policy: Student Grading
  6. OTC Procedure: Withdrawal Grade Award
  7. OTC Policy: Advanced Placement
  8. OTC Procedure: Advanced Placement
  9. OTC Policy: Academic Probation, Suspension, & Dismissal
  10. OTC Policy: Field Trip
  11. OTC Procedure: Field Trip
  12. OTC Policy: Graduation Requirements
  13. OTC Policy: Refund of Student Tuition and Fees
  14. OTC Policy: Commencement Ceremony Participation Fee
  15. OTC Procedure: Commencement Ceremony Participation Fee
  16. OTC Procedure: Student Activity Fund Council
  17. OTC Policy: Student Activity Fee
  18. OTC Procedure: Student Grievance and Appeals
  19. OTC Procedure: Admissions
  20. OTC Procedure: Academic Advisement
  21. OTC Procedure: Student Organizations
  22. OTC Procedure: Student Affairs Vault
  23. OTC Policy: Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

VI. Public Relations/Marketing


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  1. OTC Procedure: Fundraising by Approved Groups
  2. OTC Procedure: Publication Approval






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