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Debit Card Program

Below is information regarding the Debit Card Program at Okefenokee Technical College.

  • Cards are issued to all currently enrolled students who receive any form of financial aid, including PELL, FSEOG, and HOPE.  Note that some students who receive cards are not due a refund this semester. However, the cards should be kept for future terms for possible refunds, as the refund amount will be instantaneously loaded on the card when due.
  • Please ensure that when you receive your debit card, that you activate the card immediately.  Failure to activate the card within 6 months, regardless of a fund balance, will cause SunTrust to deactivate your card. If you have not received your card, lost it, or your card has become deactivated, please contact SunTrust at (866) 209-4909.
  • You can go online and sign up for text or e-mail alerts to notify you when a refund has been loaded to your account by the OTC Business Office.

This is a reloadable debit card that is strictly for the refund of financial aid. It is not a credit card and you cannot load funds onto the card; only the OTC Business Office can load funds onto the card.  Once funds are loaded on the cards, these funds can be accessed by any of the following ways:

  • Access any VISA member bank and receive the funds with no fee ($5000.00 one-time withdrawal limit may apply).
  • Go to any SunTrust ATM and no fee will be charged. Other ATMs may assess a fee.
  • Purchase Goods or Services at any place that accepts VISA, including online, pay-at-pump, in-person purchases.

If you are unsure if you are due a refund, check your BannerWeb account by clicking on the Account Detail by Term under the Financial Aid section.  Instructions on accessing BannerWeb can be found on OTC’s homepage under Current Student – Banner Student Login.

For your convenience, a SunTrust ATM is located on the Waycross Campus in Building 400 near the Miller Lecture Hall. If you do not wish refunds to be loaded to an OTC debit card, you can complete the Opt Out form by clicking on the link below and return the completed form to the OTC Business Office for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Opt-Out/Opt-In Form


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