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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Sexual Harassment

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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

In accordance with its Statement of Equal Opportunity, Okefenokee Technical College prohibits sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful harassment. All students are expressly prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing, retaliating, discriminating, or intimidating behavior or conduct. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination and is a violation of state and federal law.

All students must report any sexual or other harassment that they experience, observe or believe may be occurring to the Vice President for Student Affairs.


Sexual harassment is unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects a person's employment or education, unreasonably interfered with a person's work or educational performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or learning environment.

Resolution Procedure

Any student who alleges a violation of this policy shall notify the appropriate administrator listed above within seven (7) business days following the alleged incident or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible. The complaint shall contain a brief description of the alleged violation and relief requested. If the complaint is oral, the Vice President for Student Affairs shall prepare a written record of the complaint and ask the Complaining Party to sign the statement, indicating that it accurately reflects the essentials of the complaint.

Resolution Response

Within thirty (30) business days following the filing of a complaint, the Vice President for Student Affairs will conduct an investigation of the alleged incident. This investigation may include compiling any and all documentation involved in the claim, interviews and/or sworn statements from all individuals involved. Within five (5) business days after concluding the investigation, the Vice President for Student Affairs will review the evidence gathered during the investigation and make a written report presenting findings of fact, investigative conclusions and recommendations as to any disciplinary action to be taken, if appropriate. The report shall be made to the OTC President. A copy of this report shall be given to the Complaining Party and Accused Offender. Upon reasonable request, the President may grant the Vice President for Student Affairs additional time for completing the investigation or written report.

The Accused Offender (referred to as the Respondent) or Complaining Party may respond to the report of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Written responses must be submitted to the President within ten (10) business days from receipt of the report. Requests to meet with the President shall be submitted in writing within five (5) days of the receipt of the report. The President shall meet with the Complaining Party or the Respondent within a reasonable time. This meeting may be informal and include other individuals at the discretion of the President.

Within a reasonable time the President shall evaluate all evidence presented and make a decision regarding a resolution. This decision shall be in writing and copied to the Complaining Party and the Respondent. Such decisions shall include a statement of the right to appeal the President's decision to the Commissioner of the Department of Technical and Adult Education System of Georgia. A total time period from receipt of the report to the President's (or Assistant Commissioner's) decision should not exceed thirty (30) business days.