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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Project Approval Process

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Instructional Live Work Project Procedures

The instructor initiates a Live work Project Form on acceptable projects. A Live Work Project Form must be completed for projects requiring use of parts, materials, supplies, etc., and include customer and project identification. Instructors must request project approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on projects involving over $100.

No engine performance or restoration projects over 20 years old will be accepted in Automotive Collision Repair and Automotive Technology. Classic car restoration is not within the scope of live work projects.

In addition, work on the project must be completed during normal business hours within 45 class days. Exceptions will require Okefenokee Technical College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs’ approval of a written request explaining any unusual circumstances.

The instructor informs the customer of the live work procedures and conditions and has the customer sign acknowledgement and agreement to the same. Customers must be informed and accept the fact that they assume the risk of the work and waive any liability of Okefenokee Technical College, the Technical College System of Georgia, or the State of Georgia. If a customer refuses to sign such a statement, the project is declined.

Customers are responsible for supplying their own parts, materials, supplies, etc., or making arrangements with vendors to have these items delivered to the program conducting the project. Vehicle delivery and pickup are the responsibility of the customer. Customers will be notified when vehicle work is completed. Vehicles not picked up within seven (7) working days following notification will be towed at the owner’s expense. Automotive Collision customers will purchase and provide all paint necessary for a project.

Live work projects shall always require student participation in the completion of work, and no project may be completed solely by the instructor. The instructor will inspect the work and release by signing the Live Work Project Form. The responsibility/authority to inspect and release a project cannot be delegated.