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Financial Assistance

All students interested in applying for Financial Aid at OTC are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to receive federal or state aid (regardless of Pell Grant eligibility). Students wishing to apply for State Aid only may complete the online GSFAPPS Application available at www.GaCollege411.org.

Financial Aid applications must be filed with the Office of Financial Aid in accordance with the procedures established by the office. Students must also agree to complete any related verification forms, as requested by the office. Those students who decline to complete the financial aid application process will not be considered for any eligible scholarships, grants or private student loans.

Students can electronically access FAFSA on the Web at www.fafsa.gov or complete either the paper application (requests for paper application must be made by calling (800) 4-FEDAID) and mail the paper application in the envelope provided to the Department of Education for processing. Either of these methods will allow the Office of Financial Aid to receive your application information electronically, as long as you list OTC as one of your college choices. OTC’s Federal Title IV School Code is 005511.

After the Federal Processor receives your FAFSA application, your application will be processed and a Student Aid Report (SAR) will be mailed to you. You should review your SAR for accuracy. If any information is incorrect, make corrections according to the instructions on Part-2 Information Review Form and either return it to the Federal Processor, or forward it to OTC's Office of Financial Aid, in order for corrections to be made to your SAR electronically. If no changes need to be made to your SAR, no further action is needed on students part.

The U.S. Department of Education created a Verification Process to check the accuracy of information submitted on the FAFSA by students and parents. The process includes submitting various verification documents and possible tax return transcripts to match information on the FAFSA. Your SAR may indicate your application has been selected for Verification; however, even if your SAR does not say you have been selected by the Department, you may be required to submit verification documents and/or provide tax documents. Please make sure that the verification worksheets and tax documents the student submits contain the appropriate signatures. Failure to submit required verification documentation will stop the process of determining your eligibility for Financial Aid.

The Office of Financial Aid will contact you, through your Campus Email and BannerWeb accounts, if additional documentation is needed to process your request for financial aid. Please respond promptly in order to prevent delays in processing your application for aid. Please check BannerWeb account weekly in order to check the status of your application process.

Once the Office of Financial Aid has received all required documents, an award notice will be processed and can be viewed through BannerWeb detailing your eligibility of funds. Be sure to review all messages associated with the student award notification.