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Financial Aid Appeals

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Financial Assistance

A student has the right to appeal a Satisfactory Academic Progress finding if there are extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from meeting the specified requirements. A written appeal specifically addressing the extenuating circumstances, including supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid within 5 days from the date the student is notified of Suspension. Appeals submitted after the deadline, with missing signatures, or incomplete information may not be considered prior to the start of the next semester of enrollment.

Appeals will be considered for extenuating circumstances only, which may include, but are not limited to, the death of an immediate family member, an injury or illness of the student or an immediate family member, or other special circumstances that are generally outside the control of the student. The appeal must include:

The appeal must include:

  • Information explaining why the student failed to make SAP.
  • What has changed in the student's situation that will all him/her to make SAP within the next semester of enrollment.
  • Documentation of the extenuating circumstances that led to the student's suspension of financial aid.

The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review all appeals and their decision is considered FINAL.

A student may only appeal Financial Aid Suspension twice but not in consecutive terms.