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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog


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Georgia Residency Requirements

Out-of-State Student tuition may be waived for exceptions as defined in this policy. These exceptions may also qualify for the HOPE Grant.

Students in the following classifications are eligible for In-State Tuition waivers. These waivers do not affect the student’s eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship or Grant, except for waivers for military personnel and their dependents as provided for in the GSFC regulations.

  • Employees and their children who move to Georgia for employment with a new or expanding industry as defined in OCGA 20-4-40;
  • Full-time employees of the Technical College System of Georgia, their spouses, and dependent children;
  • Full-time teachers in a public school, a military base, or a public postsecondary college, their spouses, and dependent children;
  • United States military personnel stationed in Georgia and on active duty and their dependents living in Georgia;
  • United States military personnel, spouses and dependent children reassigned outside Georgia, who remain continuously enrolled and on active military status;
  • United States military personnel and their dependents that are Domiciled in Georgia, but are stationed outside the State;
  • Students who are Domiciled in out-of-state counties bordering on Georgia counties and who are enrolled in a Technical College with a local reciprocity agreement;
  • Career consular officers and their dependents that are citizens of the foreign nations which their consular office represents, and who are living in Georgia under orders of their respective governments. This waiver shall apply only to those consular officers whose nations operate on the principle of educational reciprocity with the United States.

Notwithstanding any exception outlined above, no person who is unlawfully present in the United States shall be eligible for any waiver of the tuition differential.