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Sexual Harassment

Any student or employee who alleges a violation of this policy shall notify the appropriate administrator listed above within seven (7) business days following the alleged incident or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible. The complaint shall contain a brief description of the alleged violation and relief requested. If the complaint is oral, the Coordinator shall prepare a written record of the complaint and ask the Complaining Party to sign the statement, indicating that it accurately reflects the essentials of the complaint.

Examples of conduct that violate the sexual harassment policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Physical assault.
  • Direct or implied threats that submission to sexual advances will be a condition of employment, work status, compensation, promotion, grades, or letters of recommendation.
  • Sexual advances, physical or implied, or direct propositions of a sexual nature, which may include inappropriate/unnecessary touching or rubbing against another; sexually suggestive or degrading jokes or comments; remarks of a sexual nature about one's clothing and/or body; preferential treatment in exchange for sexual activity; and the inappropriate display of sexually explicit pictures, text, printed materials, or objects that serve no academic purpose.
  • A pattern of conduct, which can be subtle in nature, that has sexual overtones and is intended to create or has the effect of creating discomfort and/or humiliating another.
  • Remarks speculating about a person's sexual activities or sexual history, or remarks about one's own sexual activities or sexual history, that serve no medical or academic purpose.